Auteurs : Allen, Felicity (Direction)

Lieu de publication : London : Cambridge, Mass.

Éditeur : Whitechapel Gallery : MIT Press

Collection : Documents of Contemporary Art

Date de publication : 2011

ISBN : 9780262516365

Langue : Anglais

Description : 238 p. ; 21 cm

Sujets :
Arts - Étude et enseignement
Pédagogie - Philosophie et théorie
Écoles d'arts - Aspect social
Art et société
Arts - Étude et enseignement - Histoire
Créativité (Éducation)
Succès scolaire - Aspect social
Résilience - Concept d'intervention pédagogique
Action sociale - Philosophie et théorie
Écoles publiques
Art - Psychologie

Dépouillement du document :
Post-partum document / Mary Kelly
In conversation with Nikki Henriques / Bridget Riley
British, Muslim, writer / Ziauddin Sardar
Democracy and education / John Dewey
Three guineas / Virginia Woolf
Education through art / Herbert Read
Prospectus / Black Mountain College
Black Mountain College : experiment in art / Vincent Katz (
The crisis in education / Hannah Arendt
Constructivist learning theory / George E. Hein
Art spaces and social contexts / Tamara Krikorian
Public pedagogy as cultural politics / Henry A. Giroux
A groundcourse for art / Roy Ascott
The great American art machine / Les Levine
Toward a woman-centred university / Adrienne Rich
When form has become attitude and beyond / Thierry de Duve
The art of crossing the street / Carol Becker

Foreday morning / Paul Dash
Common education and the radical tradition / Caroline Benn
Pedagogy of the oppressed / Paulo Freire
Success and failure when art changes / Allan Kaprow
Activism in feminist performance art / Suzanne Lacy
The love of art / Pierre Bourdieu and Alain Darbel
The ignorant schoolmaster / Jacques Rancie?re
Amusing personal anecdote / Jimmie Durham
Evaluation and assessment : conceptions in search of practice / Elliot W. Eisner
Art in education : identity and practice / Dennis Atkinson
Pedagogy of the event / Dennis Atkinson
On the evolution of a peer-led programme / Rebecca Sinker
Take the terror out of error / Carmen Mo?rsch
Art and literacy / Luis Camnitzer
Opening the box / Henry Ward
Educating art away from life / Michael Archer
Room 13 Art Studio / Claire Gibb
School is a factory / Allan Sekula
The gendering of art education / Pen Dalton
Youth in a suspect society / Henry A. Giroux
The rehabilitative role of arts education in prison / Paul Clements
Mike Kelley : Educational complex onwards / Joanna Fiduccia

Touching feeling : affect, pedagogy, performativity / Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Academy as potentiality / Irit Rogoff
Consciousness-raising rules / WEB
The education of women as artists : Project Womanhouse / Miriam Schapiro
The first feminist art programme : a view from the 1980s / Paula Harper
The case for polytechnics / Elma Askham and Harry Thubron
Murder of the art schools / Patrick Heron
Hornsey 1968 : the art school revolution / Lisa Tickner
Thin air : the psycho-vocalic discoveries of Alan Smithson / Annette Gomperts
Art, art school, culture / Griselda Pollock (1987) ; To claim an education / Dinah Dossor
Something old, something new, something else / Monica Ross
Opened, closed and opening : reflections on feminist pedagogy / Griselda Pollock
(Only an attitude of orientation) / Stuart Bailey
Art in the knowledge-based polis / Tom Holert
The academy is back / Dieter Lesage
Education aesthetics / Andrea Phillips
The university and the plan / Radical Philosophy Collective
From the critique of institutions to an institution of critique / Andrea Fraser
Art education / Bruce Ferguson (2009) ; On the ground / Ernesto Pujol
The free university / Caroline Tisdall

The avant-garde, again / Alex Farquharson
Professional me / Frances Stark
Darcy Lange : Work studies in schools (1976-77) / David Elliott
Work studies in schools, 1976-77 / Darcy Lange
Exacting reproduction / Lawrence McDonald
Between a pedagogical turn and a hard place / Janna Graham
Resisting institutionalization / Emily Pethick
The new masters of liberal arts : artists rewrite the rules of pedagogy / Claire Bishop
Multitude / Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
Luca Frei / Lars Bang Larsen
Border crossing / Felicity Allen
Mapping the republic of contemporary art / Pablo Helguera
In conversation / Julie Brook and Johnny Gailey
The boss : on the unresolved question of authority in Joseph Beuys' oeuvre and public image / Jan Verwoert
Critical materialities / Jorella Andrews
Another turn / Grant H. Kester
Response to Grant Kester / Claire Bishop
On Lygia Clark's Structuring the self (1976-91) / Lars Bang Larsen and Suely Rolnik
Some thoughts on art and education / Harrell Fletcher

Résumé :
This book will be an resource for all who believe in the importance of art in the wider educational realm. Framing the recent "educational turn" in the arts within a broad historical and social context, this anthology raises fundamental questions about how and what should be taught in an era of distributive rather than media-based practices and questioned dominant notions of personal and institutional freedom as enacted through art teaching and practice.
These writings by artists, philosophers, educators, poets, and activists center on three recurring and interrelated themes: the notion of "indiscipline" in theories and practices that challenge boundaries of all kinds; the present and future role of the art school; and the turn to pedagogy as medium in a diverse range of recent projects. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 707.01 A4251e 2011

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