The Dai Vernon book of magic


Auteurs : Ganson, Lewis (Auteur) ; Bartlett, George (Photographe)

Lieu de publication : Bideford, Eng.

Éditeur : Supreme Magic Co.

Date de publication : [1960]

Langue : Anglais

Description : 239 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

Sujets :
Magie - Étude et enseignement
Histoire de la magie
Magie orientale
Tours de magie - Pièce de monnaie
Tours de magie - Balles
Tours de magie - Anneaux chinois
Tours de magie - Foulard
Tours de magie - Gobelets
Tours de magie - Corde
Tours de magie - Dés
Tours de magie - Allumettes

Dépouillement du document :
Chapter One: Background to a Legend.
Chapter Two: The Vernon Touch
Chapter Three: A Chinese Classic
Chapter Four: Penetration of Thought
Chapter Five: Three Ball Transposition
Chapter Six: Application of the Tenkai Palm
Chapter Seven: The Linking Rings
Chapter Eight: Seven Card Monte
Chapter Nine: Quick Tricks
Chapter Ten: Expansion of Texture
Chapter Eleven: The Challenge
Chapter Twelve: Dai Vernon's Double Lift
Chapter Thirteen: The Cups & Balls
Chapter Fourteen: Nate Leipzig's Card Stab
Chapter Fifteen: Tips on Knots
Chapter Sixteen: Six Card Repeat
Chapter Seventeen: Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver
Chapter Eighteen: Mental Spell
Chapter Nineteen: Pot Pourri
Chapter Twenty: Ball, Cone, and Handkerchief
Chapter Twenty-One: The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daley
Chapter Twenty-Two: Paul Rosini's Impromptu Thimble Routine
Chapter Twenty-Three: Vernon Poker Demonstration
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Thumb Tie

Résumé :
Dai Vernon was the most influential magician of the twentieth century. His vision helped to define and raise the artistry of close-up and platform magic to a degree unequalled by any other magician then or today. His thinking pushed magic into the modern era. His contribution to magic was essential to its refinement and growth. His own magic is perhaps the most important-indeed essential-body of work ever produced for the art.

Remerciement au donateur : Cirque du Soleil

Collection : Collection documentaire du Cirque du Soleil

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 793.807 1 G199d 1960

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