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Sawdust sisterhood : how circus empowered women
    Auteurs : Ward, Steve [Auteur]
    Éditeur : Fonthill
    Lieu de publication : Stroud, Angleterre
    Date de publication : 2016
    ISBN : 9781781555309
    Langue : Anglais
    Description : 176 p. ill. n.b. : 24 cm
    Notes : Bibliograph : 172-173. Index
    Femmes artistes de cirque
    Image de la femme dans les arts du cirque
    Histoire des arts du cirque - 19e siècle
    Histoire des arts du cirque - 18e siècle
    Histoire des arts du cirque - 20e siècle
    Femmes - Histoire
    Artistes de cirque - Biographie
    Madame Saqui [artiste de cirque]
    Leitzel, Lillian [artiste de cirque]
    Lion Queen [artiste de cirque]
    Pankhurst, Emmeline [artiste de cirque]
    Astley, Philip (1768-1814)
    Ducrow, Andrew
    Blondin, Charles [funambule]
    Giffords Circus [compagnie de cirque]
    Madame Genevieve [artiste de cirque]
    Royal Circus [Angleterre]
    Billy Smart Circus
    Sandwine [artiste de cirque]
    Sanger, George
    Zazel [artiste de cirque]
    Williams, Miriam Kate [artiste de cirque]
    Femmes - Conditions sociales

    Philip Astley first pegged out his circular 'ride' on the banks of the Thames in 1768 and so laid down the foundations of the modern circus. Performing feats of trick riding with his wife Patty Jones, little did he realise that before long women would become a dominant force in the circus. Sawdust Sisterhood explores how the circus empowered women and gave them the opportunity to compete and succeed as performers in their own right in an otherwise masculine world. Drawing upon historical news reports and contemporary interviews, the book explores the lives of female circus performers and focuses upon several of the more well-known artistes from across two centuries of circus, including; Madame Saqui, the renowned French wire-walker of the early nineteenth century; Nellie Chapman, the Victorian 'Lion Queen' of Wombwells's Menagerie and Circus; and Katie Brumbach, otherwise known as Sandwina, perhaps the most famous Strongwoman of the twentieth century. Sawdust Sisterhood acknowledges the role of the female circus performer across the centuries.

    As paragons in heir field, these women became rich, famous and powerful despirte the prevailing sexist attitudes of their time. They often had to overcome undue criticism of their work and censure from those who felt their acts were at best inappropritate and at worst immoral. In performing remarkable, often death-defying physical feats, these women subverted the classic ideals of femininity and undoubtedly contributed to the later sexual revolution.

    Sawdust sisterhood explores the journeys of these women and their contributions to the advancement of women's rights. Steve Ward, an expert on the circus, draws together various primary sources. newspaper articles, and feministe scholarship to give a full picture of the pivotal role of women in this medium. He also includes interviews with contemporary female performers and over thirty exquisite images. This is a detailed, personal, and deeply moving account of an often overloocked aspect of the struggle for female emancipation. [Editor's summary]

    Dépouillement du document :
    1- The long road to suffrage: a review of the growth of women's right

    2- Circus : a historical overview pre-astley

    3- Circus : a historical overview post-astley

    4- These dangerous women : the rise of the female performer

    5- The cult of celebrity : madame Saqui

    6- Scandal on horseback : La belle menken

    7- Into the lion's den : Nellie Chapman and the lion queens

    8- Flexing their muscles : Sandwina and other strong-women

    9- Suspended between heaven and earth : Charmion, Leitzel, and other aerial performers

    10- Equestrian feats and agilities

    11- Women's voices : performers past and present share their views

    Collection / Fonds : BIbliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque
    Localisation : Bibliothèque
    Cote : 791.308 2 W2561s 2016

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