The Tarbell course in magic. volume 8, lessons 92 to 103


Auteurs : Tarbell, Harlan (Auteur) ; Burton, Steve (Direction) ; Kaufman, Richard (Direction)

Lieu de publication : Brooklyn, N.Y.

Éditeur : D. Robbins & Co. Inc.

Date de publication : 1993

Langue : Anglais

Description : 434 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Sujets :
Magie - Étude et enseignement
Magie orientale
Tours de magie - Corde
Pantomime - Étude et enseignement
Tours de magie - Illusion d'optique
Magie de salon
Tours de magie - Lévitation
Tours de magie - Disparition
Tours de magie - Animaux
Tours de magie - Foulard
Tours de magie - Balles
Tarbell, Harlan [magicien]
Magiciens - Biographies
Magiciens - États-Unis

Dépouillement du document :
92.Thoughts and Advice
93. Mysteries of the Seance
94. Further Unique Mysteries
95. Magic with Cards
96. Oriental Magic
97. Magic of the Mind
98. Rope Magic
99. Chalk Talk Magic
100. Magic with Apparatus
101. Comedy Magic
102. Pantomime Illusions
103. Making Magic Pay

Résumé :
This magic volume series was originally designed as a correspondence course for budding magicians. Once they were collected and bound, the series has become an unparalleled reference standard for magicians. In its impact on the magic world, it is second perhaps in its influence on the art of magic only to Hoffman's Modern Magic, and many professional magicians have based their careers on the Tarbell Course.

The entire collection comprises more than one-hundred lessons in every aspect of magic including micromagic/close-up magic, escapology, mentalism and stage illusions. It is the most comprehensive literary work in magic history. The original five volumes contained sixty correspondence lessons with more than 3,000 illustrations.

In addition to teaching specific tricks, The Tarbell Course also teaches patter, marketing, the history of magic, ethics, advertising, routining, presentation, diction and elocution, magic theory, performance theory, acting, misdirection, timing and showmanship.

Volume 7 of the series was written by Harry Lorayne and compiled from contributions by other magicians; it is valued largely for its comprehensive index, subdivided by title, contributor, and properties, to the first seven volumes.

Volume 8 of the series was compiled and edited by Richard J. Kaufman and Steve Burton. It collected Harlan Tarbell's widely scattered and previously uncollected writings on magic, which Kaufman then fashioned into something resembling the first six volumes of the course. Since most of the book was written and illustrated by Tarbell, it is linked more closely to the rest of the course than Volume 7.

Remerciement au donateur : Cirque du Soleil

Collection : Collection documentaire du Cirque du Soleil

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 793.807 1 T179t 1993

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