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Very special people : the struggles, loves, and triumphs of human oddities
    Auteurs : Drimmer, Frederick [Auteur]
    Éditeur : Amjon Publishers
    Lieu de publication : New York
    Date de publication : 1973
    Langue : Anglais
    Description : 411 p. : ill. n & b ; 22 cm
    Notes : Bibliogr.: p. 407-411.
    Exhibition de phénomènes
    Histoire des Sideshow
    Jumeaux siamois - Biographies
    Nains - Biographies
    Géants - Biographies

    This fascinating book holds facts about some of the weirdest and most wonderful human oddities to ever live. With 32 pages of monochome photographic illustrations relating to 8 chapters including Tom Thumb, The Elephant Man, Chang and Eng: The Original Siamese Twins and more midgets, bearded ladies and pinheads than you could throw sharp objects at. [editor summary]

    Dépouillement du document :
    Chained for life.
    Chang and Eng: the original Siamese twins
    More than one, not yet two
    Millie-Christine: the two-headed girl
    The Tocci brothers: the two-headed boy
    Violet and Daisy Hilton: sold into slavery
    The Biddenden maids, Radica-Doodica, and other remarkable Siamese twins

    Armless and legless wonders.
    Carl Unthan: the armless fiddler
    Tripp and Bowen: on a bicycle built for two
    Kingston, Kobelkoff, and other wonders

    The hairy people.
    Mme. Clofullia
    Annie Jones: the bearded girl
    France's most celebrated bearded lady
    Some modern beared ladies
    The hairy, hairy people
    The long-haired ones

    The little people.
    The amazing career of General Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren
    Why and what is a midget?
    Famous little poeple of past and present

    There wew giants in the earth.
    What and why is a giant?
    Byrne and Cotter: the two Irish giants
    Swan and Bates: two giants in love
    Jack Earle: the lonely giant
    Robert Wadlow: the Alton giant
    Giants yesterday and today

    Fat and skinny.
    They don't come any heavier
    Celesta Geyer and William J. Cobb: from heavyweight to lightweight
    Living skeletons

    An odd lot.
    Zip and other pinheads
    Half-man, half-woman
    Unzie the albino and other oddities

    Very, very special people.
    The strange fate of Julia Pastrana
    Grace McDaniels: the mule-faced woman
    The elephant man by Sir Frederick Treves.

    Collection / Fonds : BIbliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque
    Localisation : Bibliothèque
    Cote : 791.350 9 D7799v 1973

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