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Ballet Tanz yearbook 2000 : Dance is sport


Date de publication : janiver 2000

Langue : Français

Description : 144 p. : ill. coul. ; 30 cm.

Sujets :
Danse et sport
Danse - Philosophie et théorie
Performance sportive et expression artistique
Danse acrobatique
Représentation du corps sur scène
Danse - Concours et compétitions
Break dancing
Hip-hop (Danse)
Arts martiaux
Patin à roulettes
Danse aérienne
Meneuses de claques
Gymnastique rythmique et sportive
Patinage artistique
Théâtre équestre Zingaro [compagnie équestre]
Berlin School of Circus Arts [école de cirque]
Médecine du sport

Dépouillement du document :
Dance at the Olympics Games :
Is not a sports fan, but she choreographs the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Sydney : a conversation with Arnd Wesemann / Meryl Tankard
Triumps of the Will? : Leni Riefenstadhl between dance and sport / Claudia lenssen

Between sports and dance :
From Nijinsky ‘s «Jeux» to Bogdanovski’s : a sport ballet picture history
Dancing means breaking the rules , sport is fair , dance is not : on the strange liaison between war and dance / Arnd Wesemann
Pathos of the body : the line between competition and patriotism is very thin / Oliver Sturm
Maximun power, sports fans love the arena : three choreographers love sports / Keith Watson
From sports to dance : eight dancers and athletes talk about their careers

Dance as competition :
Sweating for placement and rank during dance competitions, the audience votes for artistic pojnts / Franz Scherrer
6000 dancers meet up at brasilian dance competitions : the masses want to see dancers not art / Silvia Sotter
B-Boys, Breaker & Battles with Hip Hop : the battle is a competition according to the basic rules of athletic fairness / Gabriele Klein

Discipline, disciplines, disciplinarian :
Football a throught pass via Johann Kresnik to the tips of the goalie’s toes / Moritz Rinke
Boxing and the erotic of sweat when doing a pas de deux / Josephine Leask
Female boxers a drama in one act-women as amateur boxers on stage / Arnd Wesemann
Rugby relentless body contact and tender care along the sidelines of the palying fiedl of dance / Mike Dixon
Martial arts can sports in themselves be art, or are martial arts esoteric?/ Norbert Servos
Skatins and surfing turn boys into men – sometimes even into heroes / Helmut Ploebst
Finger skating and the mental joke of the pas de doigt / Wiebke Hüster
Going up the wall a fascinating form of conquering space – l’Art de deplacement / Thomas Hahn
Rock climbing fear of flying and the vertical choreographer Amelia Rudolph / Heather Elton
Power Yoga and Madonna’s answer to America’s popular body culture / Sabine Mangold
Cheerleaders and their hard education to become athletic dancers / Verena Lueken
American sports , David Dorfman, a choreographer loved by sports magazines / Klaus Witzeling
Compositional sports figure skating, gymnastics and rhytmic gymnastics / Uwe Prieser
Sandra Bezic the choreographer in converstion / Uwe Prieser
The New York Ice Theatre seeks entry to artistic dance / Jennifer Leake
Synchronised swimming on an man’s world that has becomje woman’s / Hartmut Regitz
Trampoline is raised to the circle of Olympic events / Mike Dixon
Dressage and the arts of Bartabas dancing horse theatre Zingaro / Eva-Elisabeth Fischer
Akrobatics a visit to Berlin’S school of circus arts / Claudia Assmann
Bungee in Brandenburg with dancers, taekwondo masters and a European karate champion / Hartmut Regitz
Dance medcine and the fast and slow muscle fibres / Eileen Wanke

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Périodiques

Cote : BAL-2000

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