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Contemporary circus : introduction to the art form
    Arts du cirque - Philosophie et théorie
    Origines et fondements des arts du cirque
    Histoire des arts du cirque - 20e siècle
    Nouveau cirque
    Cirque contemporain
    Esthétique des arts du cirque
    Influence des arts du cirque
    Multidisciplinarité au cirque
    Cirque Plume [compagnie de cirque]
    Cirque Baroque
    Archaos [compagnie de cirque]
    Théâtre équestre Zingaro
    Cirque du Soleil [compagnie]
    Compagnie Jérôme Thomas [compagnie de jonglerie]
    Arts du cirque - Processus de création
    Arts du cirque - France
    Arts du cirque - États-Unis
    Arts du cirque - Québec (Province)
    Arts du cirque - Royaume-Uni
    Arts du cirque - Russie
    Cirque et cinéma
    Arts du cirque - Finlande
    Arts du cirque - Danemark
    Arts du cirque - Suède
    Arts du cirque - Norvège

    An Introduction to Contemporary Circus follows the dwindling paths of the development of contemporary circus. Its first part describes the acts, moments and events which have fashioned the genre into what it is today. In the latter part of the book, the reader will find articles on the history and current situation of circus in each of the Nordic countries. [editor summary]

    Dépouillement du document :
    Part I : On the Foundation and History of Circus
    An Endless Circle Of Laughter And Play
    Playful Circus
    Laughter And Death
    Circus before Circus
    From Rituals To Roman Race Tracks
    Prohibition And Processions
    The Asian Miracle
    Commedia Dell'arte And Prohibition
    Towards Circus: An Explosion of Laughter
    Enlightenment, Science And War
    Modern Circus Is Born
    British Equestrian Circus And Music Hall
    European And American Forms Of Circus
    The World Outside The Arena
    20th Century Circus and Art's Great Transformation
    Avant-Garde Theatre And Circus
    The Comic Eloquence Of Film
    Physicality: A Relation Between Dance And Circus To Be Explored Later
    The Defeat Of Circus
    The Paradox Of Socialist Circus

    Part II : The Definition of Circus
    The Performer
    The Venue
    The Performance
    The Performance And Spectator
    Circus As Organization

    Part III : New Circus - Contemporary Circus
    The Building Blocks of new Circus
    Reflections Of Postmodernism And Popular Culture
    New Forms Of Theatre And Dance
    Artaud - The Disputed Godfather Of New Theatre And Circus
    New Theatre Of The Old World
    From Vietnam To Commedia Dell'arte - Street Theatre And Politics In America
    France As A Breeding Ground For New Circus
    French Modern Dance Becomes Independent
    New Circus - Contemporary Circus
    From Family Education To University - And To The Street
    The Lost Circus Tent?111Virtuoso, Interpreter Or Artist?
    Circus, Theatre, Dance
    The Anatomy of Some Companies and Performances
    Chaplin And Other Young Nomads
    New Questions And Answers
    From Theatre To Circus: Cirque Plume And Cirque Baroque
    Images Of Horses In New Circus - Archaos And Zingaro
    Cirque Du Soleil
    Contemporary Juggling ­ and Jérôme Thomas
    Laughter Of The New Clowning
    Traces Of Animals
    Contemporary Circus
    The Common Journey Of The Performing Arts
    Artistic Diversity
    The Globalization Of Circus
    Circus Integrates Into The Art Field
    Networking Circus

    Part IV: The Nordic Dimension of Contemporary Circus
    Introduction/ Tomi Purovaara
    Finnish Circus development : Miraculous People! / Tomi Puurovaara
    Finnish Circus Before Circus Finlandia
    From An Agricultural Society To Urbanization
    From The Depopulation Of The Countryside To Cultural Democracy
    The New Generation Of Youth Circus
    Pioneers Of Contemporary Circus
    The Birth Of New Institutions
    Society And Culture Politics Since The 1990s
    From Youth Circus To The Theatre Academy Of Finland
    Movement On The Circus Scaffold
    Circus Goes Around
    Miraculous People
    A Chronological Panorama of Danish Contemporary Circus/ Stine Degerbøl & Katrien Verwilt

    1991 - 1995 : Circus, now Including Trained Chickens And Forklifts
    1995 - 2000 : Ferocity, Varieties And 1/2 A Penguin With French Fries
    2000 - 2005 : Contemporary Circus Is Here To Stay
    2005 - 2009 : Contemporary Circus Beyond Borders And On The Stage
    Circus in Norway 2009 / Sverre Waage
    Circus And Norway: A Short Background Story

    Traditional Circus In Norway
    2010 : Traditional Circus
    The Growth Of Circus Art In Norway
    Circus And Performance Art
    New Circus / Contemporary Circus/Circus
    First Attempts Of Organization
    The Circus Village
    A Diversity Of Circus Companies
    The Future
    Fragments of the History of Contemporary Circus in Sweden 1990 - 2010 / Camilla Damkjær & Kiki Muukkonen

    Collection / Fonds : BIbliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque
    Localisation : Bibliothèque
    Cote : 791.301 P9859c 2012

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