Costume in performance : materiality, culture, and the body


Auteurs : Barbieri, Donatella (Auteur)

Lieu de publication : Londres, Angleterre

Éditeur : Bloomsbury Academic an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Date de publication : 2017

ISBN : 9780857855107

Langue : Anglais

Description : 238 p. : ill. coul. 25 cm

Sujets :
Costumes de spectacle - Histoire
Costumes de spectacle - Philosophie et théorie
Costumes - Aspect psychologique
Masque (théâtre)
Costumes de danse
Costumes de théâtre
Costumes de cirque
Clowns - Costumes
Costumes de spectacle - Aspect symbolique

Dépouillement du document :
1. The first costume: ritual and reinvention
Costume and liminality
The first drawn costumes
Holding the characters : costumes and masks in Ancient Greece
The extended, semidivine dancing satyr
The satyr and the Baroque masque
Modernity, masculinity, and the Faun
The Asian turn in costume
Re-devising Greek tragedy through borrowed costumes
Meanings transferred to costumes in ritual exchanges

2. Costuming choruses: spectacle and the social landscape on stage
Choruses, costume, and community
Mythical warriors materialized through costume
Neo-Platonism, and the costuming of heaven on earth
The fabrication of wonder through costume
Dance, costume, order, and the court
Ballet blanc, ethereal bodies of tulle
The serially produced female body
Costume and community crisis : The Rite of Spring

3. The grotesque costume: the comical and conflicted 'other' body
Which "other"?
Greek comedy and the grotesque costume
Bodies of mixed parts
Arlecchino's journey from demon to valet
The reinvention of the English clown
The existential clown
Carnivalesque in Les Ballets Russes
A body rediscovered through the mask
Costume and resistance

4. The flight off the pedestal
Reclaiming the sublime as feminine
Flying technology, the beautiful pedestal, and costume
Costume as a technology for flight
Bare feet and naked skin : orientalist and neocalssical costumes
Costume, a second skin that engulfs space
Contemporary female costume, through the lens of feminine sublime

5. Agency and empathy: artists touch the body / Melissa Trimingham

6. A different performativity: society, culture and history on stage
Between the stage and the everyday
Couture costume
National identity and historical authenticity in costume
Collaborative and material synthesis through history and fashion in costume
Costume designers as our contemporaries

Conclusion : costume as a negotiation proximity and distance

Résumé :
This beautifully illustrated book conveys the centrality of costume to live performance. Finding associations between contemporary practices and historical manifestations, costume is explored in six thematic chapters, examining the transformative ritual of costuming; choruses as reflective of society; the grotesque, transgressive costume; the female sublime as emancipation; costume as sculptural art in motion; and the here-and-now as history.

Viewing the material costume as a crucial aspect in the preparation, presentation and reception of live performance, the book brings together costumed performances through history. These range from ancient Greece to modern experimental productions, from medieval theatre to modernist dance, from the 'fashion plays' to contemporary Shakespeare, marking developments in both culture and performance.

Revealing the relationship between dress, the body and human existence, and acknowledging a global as well as an Anglo and Eurocentric perspective, this book shows costume's ability to cross both geographical and disciplinary borders. Through it, we come to question the extent to which the material costume actually co-authors the performance itself, speaking of embodied histories, states of being and never-before imagined futures, which come to life in the temporary space of the performance. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 792.026 B236c 2017

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