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Social circus and applied anthropology: a synthesis waiting to happen

Auteurs : McCaffery, Nick (Auteur)

Éditeur : Anthropology in Action vol.21 n°1, p.30-35

Date de publication : mars 2014

Langue : Anglais

Sujets :
Cirque social
Cirque adapté
Cirque récréatif pour enfants handicapés mentaux
Enfants autistes
Cirque social - Irlande
Organismes de cirque social - Études de cas
Arts du cirque - Aspect anthropologique

Résumé :
This article explores the potential for developing anthropological investigation in the field of social circus – in particular with those projects that work with individuals living with disabilities. The author uses examples of research in Belfast to argue that the applied nature of anthropology is the ideal mechanism for analysing and comparing the emerging field of social circus projects around the world. In this case, anthropological tools were utilised that had a direct effect, not only on understanding the phenomenon of social circus projects but also on raising the levels of quality, leading to a direct improvement on services provided. [editor summary]

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