Chinese acrobatics through the ages


Auteurs : Qifeng, Fu (Auteur)

Lieu de publication : Beijing

Éditeur : Foreign Languages Press

Date de publication : 1985

ISBN : 978-0835113076

Langue : Anglais

Description : 125 p. : ill. coul. ; 26 cm

Sujets :
Histoire des arts du cirque - Chine
Jonglerie - Histoire
Histoire du dressage
Acrobatie - Histoire
Origines et fondements des arts du cirque
Arts de la rue - Chine
Équilibre - Histoire
Histoire de la magie
Funambulisme - Histoire
Mât chinois - Histoire
Sauts - Histoire
Histoire de l'acrobatie équestre

Dépouillement du document :
1- The origin of acrobatics : prehistory to 206 B.C.
The origin of "Juggling Boards"
"Chi You's Games" and "Horn Butting Games"
Animal shows and animal masquerade shows
"Rang Hitting" - Origin of Shooting Items
From Commoners to Rich, Powerful Families
Earliest Vocal Mimicry
King Wu of Qin "Lifted the Tripod and Broke His Kneecap"
Court Acrobatics in the Qin Dynasty

2- The "Hundred Entertainments" of the Han Dynasty : 206 B.C.-A.D. 220
Folk Acrobatics Depicted on Relics from Western Han Tombs
Grand Performances at Emperor Wu Di's Court During the Han Dynasty
Feature-Length Magic - "Fish-Dragon Show"
The Development of Handstands
Pictorial Records of the Eastern Han Dynasty "Hundred Entertainments"

3- Developing in the Midst of Chaos : A.D. 220-581
"Monkey Jockey Shows" and "Juggling Five Kinds of Weapon
Graceful Acrobatics of the South
Feats Aloft in a Great Variety of Styles
New Developments in the Art of Magic
The Rise of Temple Fairs

4- A New Upsurge : A.D. 589-907
Attending Grand Celebrations and Feasts
"Only Acrobatic Skills on a Tall Pole Are So Marvellously Super
Innovations in Rope-Walking Feats
Polo Games Depicted in the "Scroll Painting of the Alliance at Bianqiao Bridge"
The "Dancing Horse" at the Height ot the Tang Dynasty
New Developments in Animal Taming
"Taiping Music" and "Lion Dance"
"Sword Dance" and "swinging Meteors"
New Developments in Magic
The Rising Art of the "Human Pagoda"
Acrobatics in Music and Dance
Acrobatic Exchange Between China and Other Countries

5- Back to the Commoners (A.D. 960-1368)
The "Hundred Entertainments" in the Army
The Festival of the Imperial Birthday
The Rise of the "Curtained-Off Arena" and the "Balustrade Stage"
Juggling with the Hands and Feet
New Horseback Riding Skills
"Spinning Tops" and Other Acts
"Hundred Entertainments" on Water
"Variety Shows" During the Yuan Dynasty

6- Out of the Rulers' Favour, But Still popular (A.D. l36g-1949)
"Humorous Shows About Daily Life"
Acrobatics at the Imperial Court of the Qing Dynasty
A Spring Outing
Strolling Religious Processions
"Celebratory Hall Performances" and "Roadside performances"
Innovative Acrobatic Acts
New Achievements in "Vocal Mimicry',
Acrobatics and Magic in Classical Drama
Vicissitudes of a Hundred Years

7- Modern Acrobatics in Full Bloom
A Mighty Contingent of Acrobats
Bringing Forth the New Out of the Old
Let a Hundred Flowers Blossom
Constantly Improving Skills
Eternal Youth and the Continued Emergence of Talented Acrobats

Résumé :
Chinese acrobatics with a rich national style has become known all over the world. Audiences abroad praise it "Chinese acrobatics brim with poetic beauty". As a matter of fact, Chinese acrobatics today owes its achievement to its deep-rooted national and folk traditions. lf we want to understand its origin and development, it is necessary to trace back more than 2 000 years ago to ancient Chinese society. This book provides for the reader background information based on academic research and images of ancient Chinese acrobatics through the pictures of many stone sculptures, brick reliefs, rnurals, paintings and other precious cultural relics. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 791.309 51 Q64c 1985

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