[Titre chinois] = History of chinese civilization : history of acrobatics


Auteurs : Li, Gong (Direction) ; Wanyun, Liu (Traducteur)

Lieu de publication : Chine

Éditeur : The Encyclpedia of China Publishing House

Date de publication : 2008

ISBN : 978-7500079170

Langue : Chinois;Anglais

Description : 188p. : ill. coul. ; 21 cm

Notes : Table chronologique des dynasties chinoises

Sujets :
Histoire des arts du cirque - Chine
Acrobatie - Histoire
Origines et fondements des arts du cirque
Arts de la rue - Chine
Histoire des disciplines de cirque
Histoire de la jonglerie
Funambulisme - Histoire
Histoire de la magie

Dépouillement du document :

1- The Budding of Acrobatics: acrobatics in the Pre-Qin Dynasty
Wrestling and Lifting
Circus Acts and Animal Plays
Juggling Balls and Swords
Other Varieties of Acrobatics

2- The Emergence and Development of Variety Shows: acrobatics in the Qin and Han Dynastiest
Further Development of Strength Acrobatics
Vanous Physique Techniques
Thrilling Aerial Acrobatics
Diversified Juggling Acrobatics
Fleeting Glory of Circus Acts and Animal Plays

3- The All-Inclusive Variety Shows : acrobatics in the Three Kingdoms Period,Two Jins and Southern & Northern Dynasties
Development of Circus Acts and Animal Plays
Magic Tricks Brimming with Unique Flavors from the Westem Regions

4- Witness the Thriving Imperial Acrobatics: acrobatics in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
Great Stndes Made in Physique Techniques
Myriads of Aerial Acmbatics
Magic Art Blending Tradition and Innovation in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
Thriving Circus Actsand Animal Plays
Mynads of Animal MasqueBde Plays
Juggling Art

5- Thriving Urban Acrobatics: acrobatics in the Song Dynasty
Flourishing Juggling Skills
Captivating Magic Tricks in the Song Dynasty
Cimus Acts and Animal Plays A Rained a New Height
Eclectic Physique Techniques
Thriving Strength Acrobatics

6- Rise and Decline of Acrobatics?Acrobatics in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Myriads of Physique Techniques
Strength Acrobatics in the True Sense
Acrobatics Introduced from the Western Countries

In Closing

Résumé :
Chinese Variety Art is the name giving to the collection of performances that include a wide range of acrobatic, balancing acts and other spectacles performed by a troupe fashioned in traditional Chinese-style attire. The art originated in China and is still performed today. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 791.309 51 L69311h 2008

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