Tu shuo Zhongguo gu dai bai xi za ji [titre chinois] = An illustration to ancient chinese performances and acrobatics


Auteurs : Lequan, Cui (Auteur)

Lieu de publication : Shaanxi, Chine

Éditeur : World Publishing Xi'an

Date de publication : 2007

ISBN : 978-7-5062-8516-2

Langue : Chinois

Description : 223 p. : ill. coul. ; 26cm.

Notes : Bibliogr. : p. 226-224.
Seulement le titre, l'introduction et les titres de chapitres sont traduient en anglais

Sujets :
Histoire des arts du cirque - Chine
Acrobatie - Histoire
Origines et fondements des arts du cirque
Arts du cirque - Gravures et estampes
Arts du cirque - Sculptures
Arts de la rue - Chine
Fêtes populaires - Chine
Histoire des disciplines de cirque
Accessoires de cirque
Funambulisme - Histoire
Histoire de la jonglerie
Histoire de l'acrobatie équestre
Mât chinois
Jeux icariens
Danse - Chine
Histoire de la magie
Histoire des arts de la marionnette
Lancer de couteaux

Dépouillement du document :
Inception of performances and acrobatics in pre-history period

1- Birth of acrobatics and performances before Qin Dynasty (221B.C - 206 B.C. )
Chi-you performances and Gang-ding performances
Gen-dou (somersault) performance
Round-stone dance and sword dance
Mouth performance
Pot-throwing performance
Beast training and animal imitation show

2- Popularization and enrichment of performances and acrobatics int the Qin and the Han dynasties (221 B.C. - 220 A.D.)
Standing-on-hands perofrmance, Jujitsu and somersault
Acrobats Dulu-Xunzhuang and Gao-huan
Acrobat Chongxia and Yanzhuo
Jumping-pill and sword-jumping performances
Pot juggling and plate-wheeling
Circus, beast-fighting and animal-taming performances
Elephant-man's performance
Pai-you play, funny play and puppet show

3- Exchange and mingling of performances and acrobatics in the dynasties of Wei, Jin south and north (220 B.C. - 581 A.D.)
Tripod performance and swallow play
Zhuang and Gao-huan performances
Hand feats
Circuit play and animal play
Disguising play
Yellow dragon dance and amusement of magic

4- Prosperity of performances and acrobatics in the dynasties of Sui, Tang, Five dynasties (581 A.D. - 960 A.D.)
Performance Institute and Drapu entertainment center
Body-folding and physique performances
Airbone and strenght-showing performances
Trick act
Huxuan wheeling dance, rope dance and meteor dance
Horse and beast-taming performances
Wufang lion dance

5- Popularization of Wa-she Gou-lan and act in the dynasties of Song, Liao, Jin Yuan (960 A.D. - 1368 A.D.)
Left and right legions and performances in military
Wa-she Gou-lan and performances at cross-road and villages
Tou-keng and rope-jumping performances
Hand feats and kicking performances
Disguising Sumo and disguising performances
Horse, elephantchariot and small animals performances
Hand magic
Smoke and fire performances
Mouth feat ( vocal imitation)

6- Systematization of acrobatics and performances in the dynasties of MIng and Qing (1368 A.D. - 1911 A.D.)
Prosperity of small tricks among common people
Rawhide, Beam, and rope-stepping performances
Riding and kicking performances
trick-cycling, Lang-qiao, Bed-jumping, roping and whip performances
Trick and magic
Bright spring and dark spring performances
Circus, beast-taming and bird performances
Systematization of acrobatics and performance

Résumé :
It is available in full-color print on pure texture paper. Miscellaneous Acrobatics is the term for Chinese ancient dance with musical accompaniment and acrobatics. With pictures and text making a perfect match ,the book displays Chinese ancient polo, football , acrobatics. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 791.309 51 L613a 2007

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