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y Histoire des arts du cirque - Nouvelle-Zélande


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The FitzGerald Brothers' Circus : spectacle, identity, and nationhood at the Australian circus

Arrighi, Gillian
North Melbourne, Vic : Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015

The FitzGerald Brothers’ Circus, the biggest in Australia and New Zealand in the late 19th century, was enormously popular. Gillian Arrighi provides a vivid account of the Circus’s tent shows, orchestrated performances and personalities. Arrighi presents insights into the significance of the circus in Australasia and how it helped shape the general public’s ideas of Australian nationhood. [editor summary]

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Empire of culture : U.S. entertainers and the making of the Pacific circuit, 1850-1890

Wittmann, Matthew ; Cook, James W.
Ann Arbor : The University of Michigan - Philosophy, 2010

During the mid-nineteenth century, the ongoing development of a robust and expansive U.S. culture industry dovetailed with the emergence of a recognizable Pacific world shaped by the integrative forces of colonialism and capitalism. In the wake of the California Gold Rush, these seemingly disparate developments intersected as U.S. entertainers flocked to San Francisco and began to tour around the Pacific, giving birth to a vibrant entertainment ...

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