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Circus life : performing and laboring under America's big top shows, 1830-1920

Childress, Micah D.
Knoxville, Tennessee : University of Tennessee Press, 2018

The nineteenth century saw the American circus move from a reviled and rejected form of entertainment to the “Greatest Show on Earth.” Circus Life by Micah D. Childress looks at this transition from the perspective of the people who owned and worked in circuses and how they responded to the new incentives that rapid industrialization made possible.
The circus has long been a subject of fascination for many, as evidenced by the millions of ...

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US (a.)

Williams, Saul
New York : MTV Books, 2015

In his greatly anticipated new full-length book of poetry, the first since The Dead Emcee Scrolls in 2006, “the poet laureate of hip-hop” (CNN) Saul Williams presents his ideas, observations, realizations, dreams, and questions about the state of America, the American psyche, and what it means to be American.

After four years abroad, Williams returned to the United States and found his head twirling with thoughts on race, class, gender, ...

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James Baldwin : The last interview and other conversations

Baldwin, James
Brooklyn : Melville House, 2014

"I was not born to be what someone said I was. I was not born to be defined by someone else, but by myself, and myself only." When, in the fall of 1987, the poet Quincy Troupe traveled to the south of France to interview James Baldwin, Baldwin's brother David told him to ask Baldwin about everything--Baldwin was critically ill and David knew that this might be the writer's last chance to speak at length about his life and work. The result is one ...

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Black performance theory

DeFrantz, Thomas F. ; Gonzalez, Anita
Durham : Duke University Press, 2014

Black performance theory is a rich interdisciplinary area of study and critical method. This collection of new essays by some of its pioneering thinkers--many of whom are performers--demonstrates the breadth, depth, innovation, and critical value of black performance theory. Considering how blackness is imagined in and through performance, the contributors address topics including flight as a persistent theme in African American aesthetics, the ...

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Black & Persons of Color Freak Show & Circus Performers of The Past

Blue II, Al W.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , 2014

This book takes a look at some of the early black and persons of color freak show and circus performers.I have tried to go back in history as far as possible. based on modern technology. Some of the images are graphic in nature but all are based on actual facts.In some cases there are only old photographs and the name of the performer has been lost in the bowels of history. [editor summary]

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American sideshow : an encyclopedia of history's most wonderous and curiously strange performers

Hartzman, Marc
New York : Tarcher/Penguin, 2006

A fascinating look into the history of the American sideshow and its performers. Learn what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s just downright bizarre. You’ve probably heard of Tom Thumb. The Elephant Man. Perhaps even Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. But what about Eli Bowen, the legless acrobat? Or Prince Randian, the human torso? These were just a few of the many stars that shone during the heyday of the American sideshow, from 1840 to ...

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Women who fly : aerialists in modernity (1880-1930)

Gils, Bieke
Vancouver : University of British Columbia, 2013

Around 1900, Charmion (alias Laverie Vallée) introduced a provocative ‘trapeze disrobing act,’ combined with feats of strength to her audiences in vaudeville theaters in New York. She was one of a wave of female aerialists whose performances quite literally ‘flew’ in the face of Victorian values. Trapeze artists in circuses and in vaudeville theaters, as well as stunt flying aviators showcasing their courage and abilities during local fairs or ...

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Les cahiers de l'idiotie n°3 : Le clown : une utopie pour notre temps?

[Ottawa] : Les Cahiers de l'idiotie, 2010

Le clown contemporain sort du milieu traditionnel du cirque pour investir d’autres lieux du social (école, hôpital, camps de réfugiés, etc.). Dans tous ces milieux, le clown comme figure friponne défie notre vision du monde et nous invite à renouveler nos manières de concevoir l’identité, la prise en charge et l’accompagnement des individus. En se donnant pour fonction d'échapper à toute catégorisation, le clown ne répond pas à ce qu’on attend ...

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